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Music Teams

We Love Music

Here at Faith, we love leading our church in the praises of our Lord! We Have two music teams at our Church right now. 

One team led by Pastor Ryan likes to play contemporary songs with a few classics mixed in, especially during the holidays. This group meets most Wednesdays at 7 pm for a practice session. Anyone is welcome to pop in and join, even if you don't plan on singing on Sunday.

The other group is led by Dennis Freitag. This has a beautiful country gospel sound. So if you like county gospel songs you will love them. They meet whenever they can get their schedules to line up for practice. please if you would enjoy singing or playing with them we would love to hear from you.

Lastly, we are open to starting another worship team, So if there is a group of you out there who would like to form a team. Please contact Pastor Ryan. He would love to meet with you!

Let’s Worship Together

Get in touch so we can start making Music together

Hope to hear you singing at Faith on Sunday!

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